HRP – Haute Route Pyrénées


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 The HRP (Haute Route Pyrenees)

Sticking to the highest and most inaccessible trails, the HRP (“Haute Route Pyrénéenne”, or Pyrenees High Level Route) criss-crosses the mountainous border between France and Spain. The HRP is one of the most challenging long-distance walking routes in Europe, and at times the trail is difficult to follow and requires careful navigation. The highest passes on the HRP are often snowy, even in mid-Summer, and the going underfoot can be difficult but the rewards are immeasurable; you visit places that are only accessible on foot, see mountains in their dawn glow and sunset glory, swim in cool mountain lakes and experience the remoteness and true wilderness of the Pyrenees.


008 Day 3 - View of Arremoulit

We offer guided 1 week, 2 week, and 3 week treks following the central section of the HRP high level route from the mountain village of Etsaut, in the Western Pyrenees, to the Encantats national park, just West of Andorra. These three stages of the HRP pass through the Pyrenees National Park and alongside many of the iconic peaks and lakes of the Pyrenees, including the Vignemale, Gavarnie, the Ordesa canyon, Mont Perdu and Aneto. The maximum group size is 8 people. Each night you’ll stay in a refuge supplied by donkeys or helicopter, with natural water sources and solar power. The food is simple, but tasty and generous –  cooked by the refuge guardians; dedicated lovers of the mountains who live in the refuges for a season, or even years! You can choose whether to do one week, two weeks or three full stages with us, and whether to do more of the HRP independently before you join us or after. Please see our Trekking Calendar for details of when we are guiding each stage.

The stages of the Pyrenees Haute Route:

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