The 3000m Adventurous hiking week

Our first day of the “special” 3000m summits Adventurer level guided trekking trip started today with a spectacular walk up through the clouds to the top of the Pene de Pouri mountain, one of the last bastions of the Pyrenees that keeps guard over the plains of France that stretch out below it. The views over Lac Blue were worth the vertical mile of climbing to this little known peak and the experience of being in the sun while the rest of France was wrapped up under the clouds felt rather special!

Later this week we are heading up the Turon de Neouvielle and the Vignemale to start ticking off some of the best 3000m peaks in our region, it should be a great week!

Pyrenees summit

The Pene de Pouri, overlooking the Plains of France hiding under their a sea of clouds.


Our special Adventurer level 3000m summits week started today with amazing views found above the clouds on the flanks of the Pene de Pouri mountain.

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