Ski Holidays Pyrenees Kit List



Skiing – Kit List

We’ve put this as a guide for beginners and based on our experience of what we think works!


  • Thin, long sleeved tops that can be layered on top of each other and also easily taken off on the slopes
  • Thick, long socks (up to below your knees as that’s how high your boots will go)
  • thin layer for underneath your sallopettes (eg lycra shorts or leggings or thermal leggings)
  • Ski jacket (ones with pit zips are good, as you’ll be surprised how warm you can get)
  • Sallopettes (must be comfortable to move in)
  • Ski goggles or sport sun-glasses
  • Warm hat, ideally one that covers your ears and back of neck too
  • Ski gloves (warm and waterproof)

We’d recommend you choose clothing that has no hard bits, or minimal hard bits, as it can be painful when you fall over. Jumpers and jackets with chest pockets are useful, as you are less likely to fall on your front and so land on whatever you have in your pockets.

Other useful items

  • Sun cream
  • Small day-sack to put layers in, bottle of water etc
  • Cereal bars or other snacks that taste as good once landed on repeatedly
  • Camera

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