Directions – Finding us

MountainBug is based in Barèges, France, in the French High Pyrenees, near the Spanish border. Many of our activity holidays are based from Barèges, staying at our chalet Les Cailloux in the centre of the mountain spa village of Bareges.

Please use the map below to find Barèges and see our exact location.

Our Getting Here information pdf provides details on the various transport options to get to the Pyrenees. Please read it for more information.

The chalets contact details:

Mountainbug & Chalet Les Cailloux
8 Rue Madame de Maintenon

MountainBug’s phone number is: 0033 (0)562429050 or Mobile: 0033 (0)670815291

Please note that if you call the MountainBug office, we may be out guiding, so it’s best if you leave us your name, telephone number, and a brief message, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Please use the contact form to send us an email and we’ll reply to you. Sorry, but if we put our email addresses on the website, we get lots of spam.

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Mountainbug is based in the village of Barèges, in the High Pyrenees of Southern France. Barèges is situated
South of the cities of Pau and Tarbes, 40 minutes from the pilgrimage town of Lourdes.
There are various options for getting to the French High (Hautes) Pyrenees and then to Barèges. The most
popular options are listed below.

Please note that we are not responsible for your travel arrangements, and we always recommend that you
have travel insurance covering your mode of transport in case of delay or cancellations.

Getting to us by air

The airports that are closest to this part of the Pyrenees are:

  • Lourdes (50 minutes drive)
  • Pau (1 hours 30 mins drive)
  • Toulouse (2½ hours drive)
  • Biarritz (2½ hours drive)

The current flight options, that we’re aware of, to these airports from the UK are:

  • Ryanair from London Stansted to Lourdes
  • Pyrenees Direct from Manchester to Lourdes ( Summer only
  • Ryanair also fly from London Stansted, Manchester and Dublin to Biarritz
  • City Jet from London City to Pau
  • EasyJet from Gatwick to Toulouse
  • EasyJet also fly from Bristol to both Toulouse and Biarritz
  • British Airways from Heathrow to Toulouse
  • Jet2 from Manchester to Toulouse
  • Charter flights: from Ireland and Britain, check out Joe Walsh Tours for flights from Ireland and Tagney Tours for flights from London and Manchester and other UK cities.
  • There are also various airlines operating into Bordeaux, but this is over 3 hours drive away
  • We recommend you keep an eye on the airlines’ websites for new routes, deals, and changes to routes.

There are connecting flights into Lourdes via Paris with operators like British Airways and Air France from the
main UK airports.

Please note this is not a comprehensive list – do let us know if you come across other flight options.

Getting from the airports to us

Many of our clients like to hire a car to give complete flexibility and allow independent exploration of our region. If you do not wish to drive there are many other options available outlined below. We are also able to arrange paid for services/ transfers on your behalf through taxi/coach companies. Please Contact us if you would like our help.

Lourdes Airport

Ski Transfers – Winter only. Transfers from Lourdes airport are run and organized by the airport, they cost €30 return per person and are dependent on which flight you arrive on, how many people there are in your group and your other travel commitments for the day. They can only be booked online and must be done by the person travelling. You can make your reservation here:

By Taxi

A taxi from Lourdes airport is around 80 € each way. We can help out with pre-booking a taxi on your behalf. Please request this when you make your holiday reservation.

If you hire a car you can then enjoy the straightforward drive up into the mountains.
To drive to us from Lourdes airport, follow signs for Lourdes – only about 10 minutes drive from the airport. Once at Lourdes, follow signs for Argeles-Gazost/Gavarnie and then Luz-St. Sauveur. From Luz-St. Sauveur go up the valley to the left following signs for Bareges.
If you drive, please see Notes for all drivers for important information.

Public Transport

You can catch a bus from Lourdes airport to Lourdes railway station (for the latest timetable see):

From Lourdes SNCF, you can then catch the SNCF coach to Bareges. You must make one quick, easy change at Pierrefitte.
The timetable is availble on this page under the heading “Ligne 941 – Lourdes <> Cauterets / Barèges”:

Pau airport

You can either get a taxi from Pau airport drive or come on public transport.

By taxi

Prices by taxi are in the region of 150 € each way, depending on your group size.
Please ask and we can make a reservation for you.

By car

To drive to us from Pau airport, follow the road towards Pau centre then either take the A64 (toll road) to
Tarbes, coming off at exit 12 signed to Tarbes and Lourdes exit 12 or take the national route road (green signs,
and just as quick if traffic is normal) signed to Lourdes.
Once at Lourdes, follow signs for Argeles-Gazost/Gavarnie and then Luz-St. Sauveur. From Luz-St. Sauveur go
up the valley to the left following signs for Bareges. Please see Notes to all drivers at the end, if you do decide on this option.

By public transport

To reach Bareges by public transport from Pau, the easiest way is:
1. Get the shuttle bus or a taxi to Pau station
2. Get a direct train to Lourdes
3. Get the local bus from Lourdes station to Bareges, changing at Pierrefitte.

Toulouse-Blagnac airport

From Toulouse airport, you can either hire a car at the airport, take public transport to Bareges via Lourdes, or get a taxi.

Public transport

For public transport, you have to take the airport bus to the train station. Then it’s a 2 hour train trip to Lourdes train station.
From Lourdes SNCF, you can catch the SNCF coach to Bareges
You have to change at Pierrefitte to get the bus to Bareges (again, timed to leave 5 minutes after the Lourdes
bus arrives). The total bus journey including change is 1 hour.We are then approximately 5 minutes walk from the bus stop in Bareges.
Your train and bus ticket to Bareges can be booked together, as SNCF operate the bus.

By car

To drive to us from Toulouse-Blagnac airport, follow signs for the A64 direction Bayonne/Tarbes/Lourdes. Stay
on the autoroute until Junction 12 then follow signs for Lourdes.
Once at Lourdes, follow signs for Argeles-Gazost/Gavarnie and then Luz-St. Sauveur. From Luz-St. Sauveur go up the valley to the left following signs for Bareges.
Please see Notes to all drivers if you decide on this option.

By taxi

A pre-booked taxi costs up to 450 € each way, depending on group size.
Please contact us if you would like a quote for a taxi transfer.

Biarritz airport

From Biarritz airport, you can either drive or get a taxi or go by public transport.

By car

Get on to the A63 to Bayonne/Bordeaux, then take exit 5.1 toward Pau/Toulouse/Saint Pierre d’Irube/Mouguerre-Centre de Fret/Hasparren, then merge onto the A64. Drive 116km before taking exit 11 toward Lourdes/Soumoulou/Pontacq.
Once at Lourdes, follow signs for Argeles-Gazost/Gavarnie and then Luz-St. Sauveur. From Luz-St. Sauveur go up the valley to the left following signs for Bareges.
Please see Notes to all drivers at the end, if you do decide on this option.

By taxi

Please enquire if you would like us to get a quote for a taxi transfer on your behalf.

By public transport

To our knowledge, there is no shuttle bus from the airport to the train station, so you need to take a taxi.
You can then catch a train from Biarritz to Lourdes. Some are direct but some require a change.
From Lourdes SNCF, you can then take the SNCF coach to Bareges

Getting to by ferry

The Spanish ferry ports are the closest. Please use this Brittany Ferries discount code: S00KN4

The Spanish ports at Bilbao and Santander are 3.5 hours and 4.5 hours drive respectively from Bareges, passing through the Basque country before coming over the border into France.

The Northern ferry ports (Calais, Dunkirk etc)

It’s about a 10-12 hour drive to us from the Northern ferry ports via Bordeaux, and then the national route to Pau and Lourdes. You might like to stop overnight and break the journey. When calculating the cost of this option, you can look up motorway tolls on, which calculates journey time, toll prices and fuel consumption.

The Brittany ferry ports (Caen, Le Havre, Roscoff)

Again, the most direct route from these ferry ports is via Bordeaux, and then the national route to Pau and Lourdes. It is around 10 to 12 hour drive from Brittany, depending on the port you choose.


Getting to us by train

Our nearest railway station is at Lourdes. The Paris mainline services are met by a connecting bus
service run by SNCF (the French railway company) up to Bareges.

There is a direct train from Paris Montparnasse, via Bordeaux, to Lourdes, which takes about 6 hours. As well as regular daytime services, there is also a sleeper option.
All trains in France are run by SNCF (Société Nationale des Chemins de Fer).
The website provides information on rail travel in France, as well as useful tips and links to buying train tickets.
Many of our guests who take this option from the UK combine this with a night or two in Paris for the city life before heading for a more sedate pace with us in the mountains!

From Lourdes SNCF to Bareges

By taxi:

Taxi fare is around 70 € each way. Please ask if you would like us to pre-book a taxi for you.

By bus:

From Lourdes SNCF, you can catch the SNCF coach to Bareges

The key is that wherever you are coming from, you need to head to Lourdes. Once at Lourdes, follow signs for
Argeles-Gazost/Gavarnie and then Luz-St. Sauveur. From Luz-St. Sauveur go up the valley to the left following
signs for Bareges. helps you calculate distances, toll and fuel costs, as well as providing information on services and picnic stops along the way.

Notes to all drivers

1. France has toll Autoroutes, where you pay to use the road. Please come armed with change or a credit/debit card to pay for them. These are generally very maintained and get you across the country in good time.

2. In winter, generally the roads here are extremely well maintained, especially up to Bareges as it is a major ski resort. Only rarely will snow chains be necessary. However, we do recommend our guests carry them, in case of that unexpected blizzard!

3. In France, you must carry in your car at all times, by law:

  • Valid drivers’ license
  • Vehicle registration document
  • Warning triangle
  • Spare-lightbulb kit
  • Fluorescent jacket/vest
  • Green Card (supplied by your insurer) is recommended and a European Accident form.

If hiring a car in France, the car hire company should supply all of these. Please do check with your insurer or
breakdown company for the latest in legal requirements.

**Note for GPS users**

4. If you are coming from the East GPS will direct you via Bagneres de Bigorre and the Col du Tourmalet. DO NOT attempt this road in Winter – the Col du Tourmalet is CLOSED. You must come via LOURDES.

In Summer the Tourmalet road is a very scenic, slow and winding route – enjoyable in fine weather, but if you are trying to get here quickly, please come via LOURDES (Exit 12 on the Autoroute).

As you enter Bareges on the main street, you will see the big cinema building and main village car-park on the left. On the right hand side of the road, look out for the Hotel Alphee, Sport 2000,
then the butcher’s shop – Sabathie. There is a small lane just before the butcher’s shop, opposite the steps up from the square.
The chalet is visible from the street about 20m up this lane, on the left. You can park your car in the turning area below the house to drop off your baggage, but for long-term parking we recommend the central car park.
Alternatively, you can park behind the house on Rue Madame de Maintenon. Continue past the butcher’s shop and you will see the Mairie/Tourist office on your right. Just afterwards, turn right before the pharmacy. Drive up behind the Mairie
and there are parking spaces either immediately on your right, or 50m further along the road, also on the right. The chalet is situated below the road on the right hand side, accessed by two pedestrian walkways descending from the road round
to the front of the house. The chalet is cream coloured with blue shutters. Please knock on the main door or just open it and give us a shout.

*Note for GPS users: although our address puts us on Rue Mme. de Maintenon, you will not find us there because we are actually situated just below this road, fronting onto a pedestrian lane.

Some useful websites

These are some useful websites to help you plan your journey. The list is certainly not exhaustive and we would always recommend you check that your travel information comes from a good source. for advice on rail travel in Europe to book train tickets French rail tickets